Ph.D. in organic agriculture (draft)

Program Requirement for PhD programs

Course requirement and other requirements are as follows :-

  1. Pass qualifying exam
  2. Conference paper at least 1
  3. Submitted paper for publication 2
  4. Paper accepted in publication of peer reviewed journal 1
  5. Thesis/Dissertation defense is permitted only after successful completion of courses and other requirements 


Integrated analysis for organic agriculture

Plant pathology and microbiology

Economy and chain management

If you’re an educational professional who are looking to progress into Organic agriculture, this is the best degree for you.

Suggested PhD research themes.

  1. Land evaluation and regional suitability maps for the different crops in organic hill agriculture. This PhD research will find the most suitable places for a crop or tree crop based on information on soils, climate and slope angle and orientation. Beginning with the hill region around Kathmandu to find the most suitable crops for the local population.
  2. Laboratory work for the soil chemical status and microbiology. Based on soil samples the nutrient status of the soil will be evaluated. Based on the status of a soil most suitable organic amendments will be determined. This PhD research will result in new soil amendments and targeted advice to local farmers.
  3. Mountain and hill hydrology and improved irrigation. This PhD will produce basic information on the speed of climate change and the resulting melting speed of glaciers in the Himalaya. Based on this information local scale recommendations can be made on engineering irrigation works in the different catchment areas.
  4. Water management technology development for the hills and mountains. Develop water storage underground to prevent evaporation.
  5. Climate change, slope stability and risk of landslides. This research will result in a risk map for the local communities.
  6. Seeds improvement for local community seed banks. Links with LalTeer Seeds
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