Technical reports


NEREL: a Russian information extraction dataset with rich annotation for nested entities, relations, and wikidata entity links (13 downloads)
Possibilities and challenges for harnessing tree bark extracts for wood adhesives and green chemicals and its prospects in Nepal (29 downloads)
Self-medication practice in Kathmandu Metropolitan City: A cross-sectional study (24 downloads)
Biochar – an Essential Component for Soil Enhancement, Plant Development and Environmental Cleanup (35 downloads)
Biofertilizers – An effective compost for soil quality improvement and plant growth (34 downloads)
Tanaka E, Tanada K, Hosoe T, Shrestha B, Kolarik M, Liu M. 2023. In search of lost ergots: phylogenetic re-evaluation of Claviceps species in Japan and their biogeographic patterns revealed. 106:1-39 (34 downloads)
Reform IOE, TU, Nepal: Prof. Rajedra Dhoj Joshi (104 downloads)
Higher Education in Nepal: Supporting Aspirations for Prosperity: Prof. Rajendra Dhoj Joshi (110 downloads)
Pandey S. 2021. Climatic influence on tree wood anatomy – a review. Journal of wood Science, 67, 24 (61 downloads)
Pant P. Pandey S, Dall’Acqua S. 2021. The influence of environmental conditions on secondary metabolites in medicinal plants: a literature review. Chemistry & Biodiversity, 18 (73 downloads)
Pandey S. 2022. Wood waste utilization and associated product development from under-utilized low-quality wood and its prospects in Nepal. SN Applied Sciences, 4 (67 downloads)
Pandey S. 2022. Review on Utilization Prospects of Wood-Based Substrate for Mushroom Cultivation. Innovations, (66 downloads)
Bhushan Shrestha. Recent Development in techniques of Yarsagumba (Ophiocordyceps Sinensis) Cultivation on Moth Larvae, page-256 – 9th National Conference on Science and Technology (62 downloads)