Technical reports


NEREL: a Russian information extraction dataset with rich annotation for nested entities, relations, and wikidata entity links (107 downloads )
Possibilities and challenges for harnessing tree bark extracts for wood adhesives and green chemicals and its prospects in Nepal (127 downloads )
Self-medication practice in Kathmandu Metropolitan City: A cross-sectional study (120 downloads )
Biochar – an Essential Component for Soil Enhancement, Plant Development and Environmental Cleanup (153 downloads )
Biofertilizers – An effective compost for soil quality improvement and plant growth (136 downloads )
Tanaka E, Tanada K, Hosoe T, Shrestha B, Kolarik M, Liu M. 2023. In search of lost ergots: phylogenetic re-evaluation of Claviceps species in Japan and their biogeographic patterns revealed. 106:1-39 (127 downloads )
Reform IOE, TU, Nepal: Prof. Rajedra Dhoj Joshi (182 downloads )
Higher Education in Nepal: Supporting Aspirations for Prosperity: Prof. Rajendra Dhoj Joshi (236 downloads )
Pandey S. 2021. Climatic influence on tree wood anatomy – a review. Journal of wood Science, 67, 24 (165 downloads )
Pant P. Pandey S, Dall’Acqua S. 2021. The influence of environmental conditions on secondary metabolites in medicinal plants: a literature review. Chemistry & Biodiversity, 18 (167 downloads )
Pandey S. 2022. Wood waste utilization and associated product development from under-utilized low-quality wood and its prospects in Nepal. SN Applied Sciences, 4 (210 downloads )
Pandey S. 2022. Review on Utilization Prospects of Wood-Based Substrate for Mushroom Cultivation. Innovations, (167 downloads )
Bhushan Shrestha. Recent Development in techniques of Yarsagumba (Ophiocordyceps Sinensis) Cultivation on Moth Larvae, page-256 – 9th National Conference on Science and Technology (163 downloads )