Ph.D. in forest Bio-material

Progression Points and success criteria (PhD)

  1. Literature Review Report and Literature Review Seminar (Month 4)
  2. Research Proposal Report and Research Proposal Seminar (Month 6)
  3. First Year Report and First Year Research Seminar (Month 12)
  4. Second Year P1 Report and Second Year P1 Research Seminar (Month 18)
  5. Second Year P2 Report and Second Year P2 Research Seminar (Month 24)
  6. Third Year P1 Report and Third Year P1 Research Seminar (Month 30)
  7. PhD Thesis Seminar (Month 35)
  8. PhD Thesis Submission (Month 36)



Proposal Seminar

Research Seminar

Thesis Seminar

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PhD Thesis Structure

• Overview of research topic and research goals
• Critical Literature Review
• For each contribution Chapter:
   • Description of research carried out and results obtained
   • Evaluation against current state of the art
• Summary and Conclusions

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