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Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology (MBUST) – a research-oriented multi-disciplinary university – is being conceived as a vehicle for assisting Nepal in upgrading the technology of production by creating new knowledge and technology and production of human resources with capacity to engage in Research, Development and Innovation (RDI). MBUST is planning to align its academic programs and research with areas of economy having significant potential for contribution to the rapid economic growth of the country. It will also address the needs for upgrading technology of production in general in order to improve livelihood of the people. MBUST plans to follow a problem-based learning approach. In cooperation with enterprises and community, students will be introduced to real life problems right from the beginning. They will be encouraged to identify problems they would like to work on and be able to follow a flexible curriculum to align with the problems they have chosen. The planned incubation center will assist them in developing prototypes of products. MBUST will be free of corruption, nepotism and favoritism, discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religion and political preferences. All staff will be recruited and promoted solely based on their merit relevant to tasks they are designated to perform. All staff are expected to be of impeccable integrity, hardworking, committed to the cause of the university, highly competent and committed to improve performance continuously. Cognizant of the fact that a new governance framework is needed for building a world-class university, the MBUST Bill tabled in the Parliament marks a significant deviation from acts of existing universities. The Bill envisages significant institutional autonomy, which, among others, includes the followings:

• The university will be governed by a seventeen-member Board of Trustees (BOT) accountable to the Government.

  • • The first appointment of fourteen non-government BOT members shall be made by the government upon recommendation of a search committee. Subsequent appointments of these members shall be made by the BOT.
  • • The BOT Chairperson is to be elected from among non-government trustees by the BOT. • The university President shall be appointed by the BOT.
  • • Foreigners are eligible for serving as trustees, search committee members, President, faculty and researchers. • The BOT shall have the authority to frame rules.
  • • The university shall have the authority for staff appointments and setting terms and conditions of their service.

MBUST Development Board was constituted on April 23, 2019 by the Government of Nepal with the objective of carrying out preparatory activities for establishment of MBUST. The land for the university has been identified/acquired at Chitlang, Thaha Municipality and Panchkhal/Namoboudha Municipalities. Construction of physical facilities are underway at Chitlang. The Board is aiming at initiating PhD and Master’s Degree programs in 2021 and bachelor’s degree programs later. The ratio of post graduate to undergraduate enrolment is expected to be 1:1. 

Various Donation Options

Fund Transfer in US Dollars

Fund Transfer in US Dollars

Endowment Fund


At present the source of funding for the university is the government. In spite of the strong commitment
to the university, the government funding alone would not be sufficient to develop it into a world-class
university. Therefore, the Board, in order to ensure sustainable funding for the university, has established
an Endowment Fund. The amount deposited in the Fund will not be used by the Board but will be invested
on term deposits and the yield thereof will be ploughed back to the Fund. The amount in the Fund will be
transferred to the university upon its establishment.


The use and management of the Endowment Fund will be governed by Rules formulated by the BOT. But
as a matter of principle the university is expected to at least retain in perpetuity the true value of money
donated to the university. The amount left over is expected to be primarily used for financial assistance
to qualified needy students and RDI. Other areas of fund utilization may include educational materials and
laboratory equipment, buildings, maintenance and repair, and Chair Professorships.

Contribution to Endowment Fund

The Board is grateful to stakeholders for their tremendous interests in and goodwill to MBUST. The Board
has received many offers from stakeholders to help the university in all possible ways because they truly
believe that a world-class university can make a difference to Nepal. The establishment of the Fund will
provide an opportunity for well-wishers to contribute to building a dream university in Nepal, which is
designed to facilitate the achievement of the people’s aspirations for Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali.

Fund Transfer Procedure

The contributions to the Fund may be deposited into the following account:
Bank: Sanima Bank Limited, Teku Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal Account Number: 024010020000116
Account name: MBUSTDB
Mobile number for deposit through mobile banking: 9840088016
Apart from depositing funds at the Bank, the electronic transfers can be made in the following ways:
1. Transfer through eSewa using account name MBUSTDB and account number 024010020000116
2. Transfer through eSewa using mobile number and account name MBUSTDB
3. Transfer through fone pay using mobile number 9840088016
4. Transfer through fone pay using account name MBUSTDB
5. Transfer through fone pay using the QR code at the end of this brochure

Define The Areas

The donors to endowment fund may choose to define the areas where they wish the donation to be used.
The Board will earmark the fund for the defined purposes. The contribution to the Fund will be
acknowledged through the Board website and through written communication

Become A Donor

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