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Draft programs in organic agriculture

Organic Agriculture

  • General consultations were made with the relevant stakeholder representatives from business, policy, agriculture, and academic communities
  • Consensus on the need of a focused research master and PhD program that can promote/champion sustainable organic agricultural production and marketing of high end healthy food
  • The program will enable students to apply world class research and technology to develop Nepal’s hill food resources for the generation of economic, environmental, and social benefits to the Nepalese people.
  • The program will help students to understand Nepal’s soil conservation and management practices and ecosystem and social services provided by the hills and mountain resources with respect to their contribution to carbon sequestration, biodiversity, economic income and social equity.
  • The new research based master and PhD program should have a distinctive focus that differs from, but complements the existing organic agriculture graduate programs in Nepal.
  • The program should cover specialty products, and the living soil approach, and will also explore utilization of fungi and plant based pesticides and alternatives for animal manure to fertilize the soil
  • The program will serve as a magnet for attracting bright young people to the organic agriculture and a nucleus for building partnerships among industry, community, academia, and government for an enriched educational program

Three themes in research




Organic agriculture empowers rural economies. Viable local economies will attract people, improve livelihoods and halt migration to cities. Organic farming will intensify partnerships between consumers and producers by fostering dialogues between them. Through best use of natural and social resources, organic agriculture will be a powerful intensification strategy in rural areas and for subsistence farming.

Agriculture being the source of food, income, and employment for the majority of the population, the Nepal government has always emphasized this sector for dealing with key issues of poverty alleviation and economic development. Its support however is most inclined toward conventional farming.

  • Integrated analysis for organic agriculture.
  • Plant pathology and microbiology
  • Agro-ecology
  • Economy and chain management

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