Doctor Of Phiosopy (PHD)

Admission Schedule
Required Documents For Admission

A Doctor of Philosophy, commonly known as a Ph.D., is the highest academic degree awarded in many fields. This advanced research-based degree signifies expertise in a specific subject area, with extensive study and the completion of a substantial original research project. Ph.D. holders are often regarded as experts in their fields and can contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge in academia, research, and various industries. They play a crucial role in pushing the boundaries of human understanding and innovation through their dedication to rigorous inquiry and critical thinking.

Research Master offers following 5 areas:
  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Data Science
  3. Forest Biomaterials Science and Engineering
  4. Organic Agriculture
  5. Tourism Infrastructure
Degree Award

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Intake numbers



Artificial Intelligence

Data Science

Forest Biomaterials Science and Engineering


Organic Agriculture


Tourism Infrastructure


Research Topic
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Data Science
      • Improvements in the fields of agriculture, tourism, healthcare, and climate
      • Natural language processing algorithms in low resource languages
      • Identify patterns in social media data, images and videos
      • Robotics and automation to agricultural tasks
      •  Statistical methods to analyze and interpret data
    • Forest Biomaterials science and Engineering
    • Organic Agriculture
    • Tourism Infrastructure
      • Identification of major tourism infrastructure bottlenecks in Patan area and their assessment
        based on modern tools of computation and data analysis
      •  Identification and planning of essential tourism infrastructure for promoting selected historical
        settlements at the sub-urban area of Lalitpur
      •  Status of tourism infrastructure in selected hiking trails in Nepal
      • Assessment and planning of tourism infrastructure in a neighborhood tourism destination of a metropolis: A case of Chitlang, Nepal

Ph. D.: All students will get tuition fee waiver and monthly scholarship of NRs 30,000/ for 3

Fees: Yearly fee of NRs. 150,000/ to be paid in two installments.

The admission schedule for academic year 2023/24 is as follows:

November 3, 2023

Call for Applications

November 21

November 22


November 24-25

Last date of Applications

Shortlisting of eligible candidates and publication of list for Exam and document verification

Examination, Interview and document verification



November 26

Publication of admission list

November 28

Last date for admission

November 29-30

Orientation and Registration for electives and non-credit courses



December 1

Instruction starts

Master in Engineering/Technology/Science subjects from recognized universities with CGPA of 3.0/4.0 (or international equivalent).

Criteria Of  Selection
  • Research statement: Students are to submit a brief research statement following the format
    provided. The research topics will be shared through the call of applications.
  • Statement of interest: Students are to seat for writing a statement of interest (900 to 1,000
    words) to study at MBUST and pursue research in the selected area being physically present at
    the University at the stipulated date and time. ??
  • Transcript: Students are required to submit photocopies of transcripts of the prerequisite
    qualification and grade 12. should be submitted by the students.
  • Interview: Eligible and short-listed students shall be interviewed. The number of students to be
    interviewed shall be the double of the admission target.
  • References: Students are to submit the names of three referees who are in position to provide a
    firsthand reference on the students. The students should name only those referees who agree
    to be interviewed by the University.
  • Written Exam ??  

Special skills: Students are encouraged to submit documents showing special achievements/skills which could enhance the success in their studies.

Students with publication records in peer-reviewed journals and conferences also have an advantage in selection.

  • The evidence of meeting the eligibility criteria should be provided by the students.
  • The students are to be evaluated by a selection committee comprising faculty and senior
    management of the University.
  1. Completed application form ( Mandatory)
  2. Copy of personal identification (Citizenship or Passport) ( Mandatory)
  3. Copy of Academic transcripts: Bachelor level (for Master level) and Bachelor and Master level (for Ph.D.) ( Mandatory)
  4. Copy of experience letter
  5. Sponsorship or scholarship commitment original letter or document (mandatory if applicable)
  6. Personal statement/statement of interest ( Mandatory)
  7. Research statement ( Mandatory)
  8. Master Thesis – abstract (for Ph.D.)
  9. Bachelor Thesis/Report – abstract (for Master)
  10. Publication list
  11. Three references with address, current contact email and phone numbers
  12. Voucher of the bank deposit of NRs 500/ as application fee ( Mandatory)